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What is Economic Development? This article provides the starting point for defining economic development for your community. read more... EDCD is one of the fastest growing independent economic development consulting firms in Western Canada with offices in the Greater Vancouver region, and in the Okanagan (Kelowna) region. read more...


The City of Nanaimo Economic Development Commission is reviewing and updating its economic development strategy.  This initiative, termed "2010 and Beyond", will help the City to take advantage of opportunities, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.  EDCD Consulting, a nationally recognized economic development consulting firm based on Kelowna, BC,  and Chilliwack, BC in partnership with Blane Canada of Chicago, have been selected to lead the City in this important endeavour.

It is the mission of EDCD, as the consulting team hired to provide this strategy, to create a plan that will provide "real" and "achievable" goals with a detailed implementation plan that will help guide the city in the years ahead.  For the next several months, EDCD will be working closely with the staff of the City of Nanaimo's Economic Development Commission and the newly established Economic Development Advisory Committee to develop a plan that will ensure that Nanaimo has one of the strongest economies on Vancouver Island and BC. 

EDCD will provide the City with a thorough economic assessment of the region, an identification of target industries that economic development efforts should be focused upon, improvements that may be required to make the community "investment ready", and recommendations for marketing to and attracting investment.

The City of Nanaimo wants this project to be a public process and we encourage all community citizens to get involved. This website will be your main tool to stay involved and follow our progress.

Your input is essential to the success of this project!  Here's how you can get involved:

Thank you for your wanting to be part of creating a sustainable economy for your City!